The Cascadia Cup July 31, 2015

If there were Cascadia “Cups” for USL or NWSL, whould would win them?

BatChannel.js May 6, 2014

A system that allows ajax requests to be combined into a single server call to help reduce noise in your application and help structure your client-server interaction

Net Neutrality April 28, 2014

If the FCC authorizes new rules for priority transmissions on the internet, only those that can pay will get reliable connections

Using LESS with Jekyll April 25, 2014

Out of the box, Jekyll doesn't have very good support for the LESS CSS preprocessor. I altered one to work better.

Use input type="email" January 12, 2014

When ever you have a login system that uses email addresses as the users's primary identifier, it's important to tag the input fields with type="email".

A Seattle Photostroll March 2, 2011

We needed art to decorate our new office walls, so we took a walk and some photographs.