National Arts Program: Best in Show

July 26, 2007


Update on the earlier NAP post today. I won the Best in Show award! I was absolutely floored, and everyone was very complimentary. Congrats to all the other winners; there was a ton of fabulous pieces in the show. I’m also grateful to the Tacoma staff that put on the show. They did a good job.

This is a very special piece for me because I took it at the beginning of my overseas experience in New Zealand. I traveled to Napier, near Hawkes Bay, for the Art Deco Festival in 2005. It was a gorgeously sunny day, and I had been taking pictures of everything. The people that I was traveling with wanted to go get some food, so I packed my camera up and started following them. I spied this yellow and blue fountain out of the corner of my eye, and hurried over to get a picture of it. While I was there, I noticed this flower just sitting in the water. I quickly snapped a couple pictures of it, and then hurried off to join my friends. All told, I took fewer than 10 pictures of the fountain. I also did not move, position, or tweak the flower in any way; that just how it was. There was no post-processing done to this image.

I’ve explored naming this piece a number of things, however I can’t come up with anything that adds to the piece. So for now, I’m simply leaving it untitled.