Burn Blue Promo Materials

December 6, 2009

Awhile back I did a little design work for a Seattle blues dancing organization called Burn Blue. Burn Blue is a Seattle based dance organization dedicated to teaching and promoting blues dancing.

I created a promotional business card to give to dancers, as well as partnering with about 4 other people to complete the flyer design. The business card was intended to serve as a way to entice someone into learning more (and eventually coming out to dance) about Burn Blue, while the flyer was intended as a fun way of telling people all they needed to know about the event and the space.

The flyer:

The business card:

This card was wildly successful. People love to give and receive them (obviously). The best parts of it are that it creates an emotional reaction in someone (You’re hot), and the follows up with an invitation/imperative (Come dance with me). Currently, Burn Blue draws about 200 people to the weekly (not bi-weekly like the cards say, it was expanded) dance.

I think my favorite part of this whole project was working with so many people to come up with a killer design. Also, I love that business card.