Welcome to 2010

January 1, 2010

After my sophomore year in college, I spent most of the summer living in Colorado with my girlfriend (at the time). I worked at a candy store during the day, and a brewery waiting tables at night so I could pay for school. I worked 6 days a week, and as I drove into work in the morning, the song Sunrise by Norah Jones would play on the radio. (Every day. It was like they didn't even shuffle their play list.)

Since that summer, Sunrise has had a special significance for me. It's a mellow song, and it reminds me of the calm the mornings of a town in the Colorado Rockies. The calm before everything goes absolutely nuts, the afternoon thunderstorm, and hordes of tourists on candy highs or little old ladies who make sure I bring them "exactly 3 sugar packets" for their iced tea.


I didn't write much this last, which I attribute to my hectic work schedule and long commute. In November, I re-launched my site and am working on posting on a more regular basis. I am hopeful that by blogging more regularly, I can improve my writing skills and by connection my speaking skills as well. I want to start speaking and presenting this year, but it's a long road to becoming a master web developer. Still, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single foot step so you gotta start somewhere.


In my day job, we opened an office in Spokane, so things have been mixed up a little bit. Still, we're proving each day that we're among the top development companies in the region.

In my spare time, I've launched a few new sites. Most didn't work out, but a couple did. I've also started doing my own design as well. I've had a few chances to try it out, and I think it's going well.

I also got a couple photos published in a couple of magazines, and launched a new site for my photography business. I learned that perhaps a photography business isn't really suited to me, but it's really just a hobby. No harm, no foul.


Living in Seattle has also been incredible. I love it, but it makes my commute awful. The area is awesome and lively, but it does have drawbacks. The apartment I live in was sold to new owners, and the new landlords ran the old (awesome) manager out. As a consequence, I'm looking into moving again. Hopefully this time, it'll be into a place that I own instead of a place that someone else owns.


I barely got out to dancing at all this last year. I was injured some of the time, and lost momentum the other times. I want to get back to dancing regularly in 2010. I'll have to work at that a little better, but it's worth it for the exercise and the social activity.


Over the last year, I've had many ups and downs. Some challenges I have faced well, and some I haven't. Overall, I am happy with how everything turned out, but I hope that I can make the next year even better.