New Launch:

May 21, 2010

A couple months ago I finished up a website design for Lessa Lamb, a friend of mine who was looking for a website to publicize her artist modeling business. The site is a one page layout with some examples of art that other people have created about her, with a lightbox to display larger images. The design uses a bookmark effect for the navigation as well as headings. It also has subtle text effects to make it feel a little more engaging.

According to Lessa,

Working with Dave was an incredibly positive experience for me. He listened to my input about what I liked and didn't like visually, and ultimately I think what we came up with is visually attractive, easily navigable, and contains all the information it needs to have... except for the information I haven't given him yet.

I would recommend working with Dave to anyone who needs an expert eye, a knowledge of possibilities, and someone who can stay on target, even when your time and energy are else-where.

Here's a couple screenshots of the site:

lessa lamb screenshot 1

lessa lamb screenshot 2

And just for fun, here's a couple of concepts that didn't get used:

lessa unused 1 lessa unused 2

Overall, the project was very interesting to work on, as well as challenging. Lessa wanted a simple, elegant design, but she still needed it to be a little trendy and attractive to engage and encourage visitors that they should hire her to model for their art sessions. The final version of the site sets a standard for what other artist model sites can look like.

See the site: