Welcome to 2011

January 1, 2011

Looking back on 2010

Despite wanting to write more, I only put out 9 blog entries this last year. January and February were the most active months, with 4 and 3 posts respectively. I didn't post at all between June and December.

At work, I was especially busy. I increased my interaction with some of our clients, which was both challenging and rewarding. All the pieces to opening our Seattle office came together in December, and we targeted opening the office in January '11.

I didn't do much work at all in the photography area in '10. I don't think I had any published photos, and probably took less than 1000 photos the entire year.

Like I predicted in the previous annual wrapup post, I moved out of my apartment on Capitol Hill and into my own house. It's small, but the yard is fantastic, the neighborhood is great, and I was able to take advantage of the tax-credit and a fantastic bank to offset the large initial costs of buying a house.

I didn't go dancing much at all in 2010. I aim to fix that in 2011, but I'll need a solid motivator to make that happen more often than last year.

We bought season tickets for the Seattle Sounders last year. With league play, the CONCACAF and US Open Cup tournaments, and the World Cup, I estimate that I attended 20-25 games, and watched somewhere around 100 individual soccer matches. The US Open Cup final was definitely my favorite, and I was able to take a few friends and family to see watch the game with me. The World Cup game between the USA and Algeria is a close second, and the World Cup final between Holland and Spain came in at 3rd.

I wanted to redesign my site and work on a couple of friends' sites, but I suffered two hard drive crashes and lost a lot of work. I've since setup a good backup system. This site gets a fair amount of spam traffic, but not one spam comment has made it to the public (yet).

Major Events

  • I was able to give one talk during the year, to PLU's senior Computer Science class.
  • I marched in the St Patrick's Day parade with ECS
  • I bought a house in March
  • I bought a truck to help my commute and haul stuff for my house
  • June & July were totally taken up by the World Cup
  • My grandmother turned 102
  • I taught Art and Bookmaking to my sister's class
  • Finally, I spent NYE with friends in Olympia

into 2011, and beyond!

My main focus will undoubtedly be on my house. There are updates I want to make, and improvements I'd like to see happen.

I'd like to do more photography, after taking a year long sabbatical, it's about time to start again.

That will also make writing in this here blog easier. I want to work on more sites for friends and small freelance projects, and document what innovations I make.

At work, I hope to start working in Seattle soon. We have an awesome office almost ready to use up there. I hope to be able to take on more leadership and planning responsibilities, but still be able to be creative.

I am also starting to volunteer for a theatre near me. I am currently creating programs for them, and I hope to expand that into building a solid website, incorporating more marketing, and expand their visibility.

I hope to redesign this site in the next couple months, but I've got some other work to do before that. I also might start tracking how many spam comments I get, because I get a little pleasure out of seeing spammers try and fail to get through my filters.