February 8, 2017

2010-2017 was a toy project I built starting in 2010, and finally retired in 2017. I wanted a way to track the results of office foosball games, to see if I could quantify how good each player was in relation to everyone else.

I created a custom ranking algorithm that, given two players, could tell you what the expected goal difference between them was.

Originally, it was built on CakePHP as a way for me to learn a different framework, but I also chose that because I wanted it to be totally separate from the things I did at work so there could be no confusion what belonged to who.

I took a design from a free design site, and built up registration, game creation, rank calculation and tracking. Over the years I added more features, but with PHP 5 being deprecated and eventually retired, the site didn’t get enough use or atten to justify continuing maintenance.