Global Diversity CFP Day January 10, 2018

Slides to promote Global Diversity CFP Day Seattle. Feb 3, 2018 @ The Seattle Times Library. February 8, 2017

A toy project I built starting in 2010, and finally retired in 2017. I wanted a way to track the results of office foosball games, to see if I could quantify how good each player was in relation to everyone else.

The Cascadia Cup July 31, 2015

If there were Cascadia “Cups” for USL or NWSL, whould would win them?

BatChannel.js May 6, 2014

A system that allows ajax requests to be combined into a single server call to help reduce noise in your application and help structure your client-server interaction

Net Neutrality April 28, 2014

If the FCC authorizes new rules for priority transmissions on the internet, only those that can pay will get reliable connections

Using LESS with Jekyll April 25, 2014

Out of the box, Jekyll doesn't have very good support for the LESS CSS preprocessor. I altered one to work better.

Use input type="email" January 13, 2014

When ever you have a login system that uses email addresses as the users's primary identifier, it's important to tag the input fields with type="email".

A Seattle Photostroll March 2, 2011

We needed art to decorate our new office walls, so we took a walk and some photographs.

The 2011 Redesign of zastica January 31, 2011

Today, I'm happy to launch the new redesign of my site. There were a few major motivators to doing the redesign now, and a few more minor ones.

Add Dates to your <titles> January 12, 2010

Old content can be mistaken for new content, but adding a date to your title can help visitors.

Burn Blue Promo Materials December 6, 2009

A little design work for a Seattle blues dancing organization called Burn Blue - a Seattle based dance organization dedicated to promoting blues dancing.

Why You Should Write November 23, 2009

Just writing for writing's sake is a good way to build skills.

Hello, World November 23, 2009

This is my first post using my new CMS

On Traffic June 1, 2009

Random musings about freeway traffic with a couple of ideas to improve things.

Tacoma Art Museum Photo Safari May 14, 2008

The latest of Tacoma's Photo Safari's was to the Art Museum, as part of their 10th anniversary at 1701 Pacific. Here's my shots of the museum.

Dragon Boat Racers November 2, 2007

One of my photos from New Zealand, this one was taken during the Dragon Boat Festival in Wellington.

Worn Text using CSS October 31, 2007

How to apply a letterpress-like effect to text using "only" css.

Fire Dancer October 26, 2007

Photo from Fiji of a Fire Dancer

Half-Wild Kiwi June 12, 2007

A photograph of a Kiwi (the bird). Honest.

Blue Dancer May 31, 2007

A dancer from the Folklife Festival

Sailing in Tacoma May 21, 2007

About a month ago, I decided that I wanted to learn how to sail.

705 at Night April 25, 2007

A photo overlooking the 705 in Tacoma