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global diversity CFP day

is a planet-wide event taking place on February 3rd with the goal of encouraging and advising new speakers from diverse backgrounds to put together your very first talk proposal.

global diversity CFP day


The Seattle Times Library
1000 Denny Way
Seattle, WA 98109

PoC? Disability? Woman? LGBTQ?
Yes, we want you!

February 3rd 2018, 10am – 2pm


global diversity CFP day

We will help you:

  • brainstorm talk ideas
  • write a talk proposal
  • provide speaking advice
  • share our enthusiasm to get you to the stage

No specific language, framework, or process. Not even necessarily tech related. If there is something that you want to share, we're here to help you regardless.

global diversity CFP day

The Seattle Team

  • Katie Kurkoski: Organizer - Curator at CascadiaFest; Speaker at EmpireConf, UtahJS, CSS Conf EU, CSS Conf AU, Nodevember; Girl Develop It Instructor. KatieK2
  • Thomas Wilburn: Facilitator - Data journalist at The Seattle Times; Speaker at NICAR, SeattleJS, SRCCON, CascadiaFest, and Hacks/Hackers Seattle thomaswilburn
  • Alex Lande: Mentor - Front End Developer at Formidable Labs; Curator at CascadiaFest; Speaker at CSS Dev Conf alexlande
  • Dave Poole: Mentor - Tools Engineer at Big Fish Games; Staff at CascadiaFest davethegr8

global diversity CFP day

Why are we doing this?

We (the four of us in Seattle plus the event creators) want to encourage and support new speakers and increase the diversity of our collegues.

global diversity CFP day

How to participate:

global diversity CFP day

Ask me questions!

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